Here, you can have the most exclusive beach apartment in the Caribbean, with its delicate design made to fit perfectly with the environment, you will live an experience worthy of the finest.

Costa y Sol consits of 4 exclusive condos, where you will have the option to choose from our 5 residential models, all of which maintain a modern, yet relaxed design that blends perfectly in the beach community. Moreover, you will be able to share an astounding pool, in which you can swim carelessly, surrounded by awe-inspiring views of the Caribbean Sea.

The proprietaries will also enjoy benefits such as memberships of the Beach Club and various charming restaurants in the Hotel area, the Beach Club in the residential area, the Yacht Club and the Golfer’s Country club.



Gaviota is one of the most exclusive condos, with only one apartment per floor your tranquility is assured. It has 3 Bedrooms and a maids room, spacious balcony and suficcient space for you to make this model your home and to live to its fullest.




Colibrí is our two apartment per floor condo model, each with enough space to have a cozy stay but yet find the adventure you were always looking for.